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Mind Wellness Clinic


Mind wellness clinic at International Modern Hospital offering various services on behavioral issues with a POSITIVE mental health approach. Dr Shaju George, a specialist psychiatrist with rich experience in the field of behavioral sciences is available in our mind of wellness clinic. We provide both OUTPATIENT &INPATIENT services for various behavioral issues. The department focuses mainly on providing quality services on various mental health issues like Relational problems, Sexual medicine, Behavioral problems of Women and Children,Addictions,Problems of Elderly,Family counseling etc. The Clinic provides Counseling, Behavioral therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on various mental health issues like Obesity related problems, Adjustment disorders, OCD,Depressive disorders and other Anxiety,Psychotic disorders.

Stress buster programs, Crisis intervention sessions, Relaxation training and Personality development programs are the special services offered by Mind wellness clinic. Mind wellness clinic delivers Total care for all kinds of Behavioral disorders through pharmacological and non pharmacological interventions.


Provides comprehensive care for various types of OCD with medicine,CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), ERP (exposure & response prevention),Thought stopping technique,etc.


We do a detailed assessment on various psychosomatic disorders presenting mainly with physical symptoms like pain ,chest & abdominal discomfort and also provide counseling ,behavioral modification and medicines for the same.


Provides both outpatient and inpatient treatment for various addictions like Alcohol,Nicotine,Opoid and other Drugs.


CGC provides comprehensive assessment and management of various child and adolescent behavioral problems like ADHD ,Mood disorders,School refusal,Poor scholastic performance etc. We do conduct Aptitude assessment and Career guidance sessions along with other outreach school mental health programs.


We provide Premarital,Marital and Family counseling. We do help people with conflicts in various aspects of family/ marital life.


Sexual medicine clinic focus on various aspects of functional /behavioral problems of sex in male and female including Premature Ejaculation (PE), Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Hypoactive sexual desire disorder, Vaginismus, Anorgasmia etc…


We do provide women empowerment programs along with Holistic care for various Behavioral problems in Women like Postpartum /Peripartum Mood / Psychotic disturbances,Premenstrual Syndrome and behavioral problems associated with Menopause and Hysterectomy.


Provides comprehensive evaluation for all cases of potential /attempted suicide to prevent or reduce suicide attempts and to promote better mental health.

Our Doctors

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Specialist Psychiatrist

Dr. Shaju George brings 11years of rich experience in the field of Psychiatry. He has led psychotherapy sessions for depressive disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and other anxiety disorders. Moreover he has experience in psychopharmacological management for all behavioral disorders including schizophrenia, mood disorders, epileptic psychosis, mental retardation associated behavioral problems, substance use disorders and coordinating rehabilitation service for chronically ill behavior disorder patients. He also has expertise in conducting special clinics like child psychiatry clinic, OCD clinic, dementia clinic, de-addiction clinic, sexual medicine clinic, smoking cessation clinic, sexual disorders, conducting ECT for different indications like depressive disorders, and conducting hypnosis in selected indications.

He has also been a part of school health programmes like CARE(Child & Adolescent Resource Enhancement) and has contributed immensely towards mass media awareness programmes on various behavioral problems through media channels.

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Dr. Dalia Rizk, MBBCh, MSc, DFMSA, M.D.

Specialist Psychiatrist

Dr. Dalia Nagui Rizk is a Specialist Psychiatrist and was Lecturer in the Psychiatry Department in Alexandria University, Egypt with 10 years of clinical experience in adult psychiatry. Dr. Dalia has a doctorate degree in Psychiatry from Alexandria University, Egypt. She has a Master Degree in Neuroscience from the University of Bordeaux, France. She is a fellow to Marseille AIX II University, France, with a Specialized Medical Training Diploma in Advanced Clinical Psychiatry (DFMSA). She is also a fellow and diplomate from the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists, USA.

She has a wide and rich experience in Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy for Adult Psychiatric illnesses in both governmental and private sectors. She is also expert in dealing with women mental health problems specially personality disorders, eating disorders, sex and marital problems and perinatal disorders.

She is an accredited Psychotherapist and has a good experience in conducting sessions on individual and group basis, as she was trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT in Marseille AIX II University, France for mood disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar and anxiety disorders. She was also trained and accredited from Behavioral Tech / Linehan Institute, USA as a Dialectical Behavioral Therapist (DBT) for borderline personality disorder, suicide and emotional dysregulation. She is one of the founders of the first DBT intensively trained team in the Middle East.

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