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Full range of tests are provided in each department using state of the art equipments and new analytical assays. Laboratory is supported by Abbot Axsym, Cell Dyn, Roche Cobbas 400, e411, b221 blood gas system, Diamond ID Microtyping, RIQAs which is the largest global EQA scheme under JCIA standard. Our laboratory services are open round the clock.


The division of laboratory medicine at the international Modern Hospital is committed to provide our patients with the highest quality laboratory services in the fields of:

  • 1Hematology
  • 2Microbiology
  • 3Clinical Chemistry
  • 4Blood bank
  • 5Pituitary gland disorders and other gland care
  • 6Immunology & Serology

Our Doctors

Dr.Bhagyam Nair

Dr.Bhagyam Nair

Specialist Clinical Pathologist

Dr.Bhagyma Nair completed her post-graduation from the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College as a top ranked student with a Director General of Armed Forces merit scholarship under her belt.She has 25 years of extensive experience in both anatomic and clinical pathology. She has reported all subspecialties of anatomic pathology and holds a special interest in Ob/Gyne pathology, GIT pathology, Dermatology pathology, cytology including fine needle aspiration cytology. In addition, transplant immunology and transplant pathology is a field in which she worked during her career in India and she continues to retain an academic interest in the same.