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Department of neurosurgery at IMH is equipped with electroencephalogram, (EEG) video EEG, and elecromyogram (EMG facility) and has the facility to evaluate cases of sudden loss of consciousness, muscle nerve disease by nerve conduction and difficult to control seizure, by video EEG. It handles status epilepticus cases in the ICU. At IMH, we treat movement disorder and spasticity with botox injection under guidance of EMG, like writers cramp, blepharospasm, spasmodic torticolis. Our Neuro-radiology dept has round the clock capability for CT scan and MRI which can evaluate the brain, spinal cord nerve plexus, and muscles and joints. Our neurosurgeon and neurologist are readily available to evaluate any cases from transient ischemic attack, brain attack to instituting clot buster therapy in neuro-intensive care unit and much, much more! To meet your convenience, our neurology clinic operates from 9am-9pm.


  • 1Tremors
  • 2Alzheimer’s disease
  • 3Dementia treatment
  • 8Parkinson disease
  • 9Neuromuscular disorders
  • 10Cerebrovascular disorders
  • 4Stroke,Epilepsy,Multiple sclerosis
  • 5Low back pain,Cervicalgias
  • 6Myalgias,Myopathies,Muscular cramping
  • 7Movement disorders
  • 11Headaches, Migraine and Tension Headache
  • 12Pseudotumor cerebri
  • 13Pituitary diseases
  • 14Memory disorders
  • 15Spinal cord diseases,Gait disorders