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Laparoscopy originated way back in the 1980’s and was mainly used as a diagnostic modality .It has, over a period of years, evolved into a primary modality for surgery. All the conventional open surgeries are now being performed by Laparoscopy /Key-hole surgeries. With the advancement in optics and energy sources, and with increasing abilities of surgeons, an increasing number of these surgeries are being performed and the feasibility has been proven in all tumors.

Dr.Shailesh Puntambekar is a pioneer of laparoscopic cancer surgeries across the globe. He has expertise in all types of Thoracic and Abdominal cancers, Laparoscopic transthoracic/ transhiatal esophgectomy, laparoscopic lobectomies, laparoscopic pulmonary metastectomies, laparoscopic gastrectomies, laparoscopic radical cholecystectomy, laparoscopic hepatectomy, laparoscopic bile duct excision, laparoscopic Whipples procedure, laparoscopic double bypass, laparocopic colorectal surgeries, laparoscopic radical nephrectomies, laparoscopic nerve sparing radical hysterectomies (pune technique), laparoscopic cystoprostatectomies with neobladder, laparoscopic radical prostatectomies, laparoscopic exenterations etc.


Dr.Shailesh Puntambekar, MBBS, MS

Specialist General Surgeon

Dr.Shailesh Puntambekar is specialised in laparoscopic cancer surgery. He is considered an expert in Laparoscopic Pelvic surgery and Gynecological cancer surgery in the world and has developed laparoscopic radical hysterectomy for cancer cervix known world over as the “Pune Technique”. He has performed over 400 Robotic surgeries. He is a visiting professor at university of Cape Town, South Africa and has conducted numerous live surgical workshops around the globe.

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